NMNHEDUCATION Barn Swallow, (1980s)

[Education and Outreach collections] Description: This object is part of the Education and Outreach collection, some of which are in the Q?rius science education center and available to see. // Notes: skin // Number of objects in this record: 1 // Record Last Modified: 14 Jan 2020

IA Texts Political economy : with especial reference to the industrial history of nations, (paginated)

"This work forms a third and revised edition of the author's 'Social science and national economy', published in 1875."--Pref

NMNHINV Podocidaris ornata, (1900s)

[Holotypes, Taxonomic type specimens] Record Last Modified: 13 Apr 2017 // Site Number: 3919 // Specimen Count: 1

IA Texts Colors available in Bondex., (paginated)

2 p., color samples, 28 cm, trade catalog

IA Texts Report of the Attorney-General : read in the House of Representatives, December 31, 1790, (paginated)

IA Texts The faerie queene : disposed into XII bookes, fashioning twelue morall vertues, (paginated)

Author attribution and printer's name from ESTC

IA Texts The Frisco Man 1919 01, (paginated)

The Frisco Man 1919 01

IA Texts Brooklyn and Chicago endorsements of the Dudley Blind and Shutter-Worker., (paginated)

[4] p., ill., 26 cm., trade catalogs

CHNDM Band, (1500s, 1600s)

[Embroidery (visual works)] Catalogue Status: Research in Progress // Description: Pattern of curving plant forms in reserve against a red background. Warp-faced woven band with weft elements forming the fringe attached on two sides.

IA Texts Hydraulics of great rivers. The ParanĂ¡, the Uruguay, and the La Plata estuary, (paginated)