IA Texts An Account of Some Astronomical Observations Taken at Lisbon by M. John Chevalier in the Year 1753. By James Short, M. A. and F. R. S., (paginated)

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IA Images Bustle, (1883–88)

NMNHINV Plumarella (Dicholaphis) profunda, (None)

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IA Texts Scenario analysis of emissions structure under climate change in China, (paginated)

This study calculated the CO 2 emissions due to fossil fuel consumption in China during 2000–2015 with consideration of the regional coal-, oil-, and gas-related variations. We used logarithmic mean Divisia index methods to establish the primary influencing factors of CO 2 emissions, and we extended the UK National Ecosystem Assessment Scenarios to forecast future CO 2 emissions related to fossil fuel use during 2020–2030. It was determined economic development is the main reason for increased CO 2 emissions, and that energy intensity and energy structure decreased CO 2 emissions. Finally, we considered six scenarios to predict the future development of coal, oil, and gas consumption in China. Six scenarios including Go with the Flow, Nature@work, Green and Pleasant Land, World Market, National Security and Local Stewardship, results show Green and Pleasant Land will induced coal and oil emission decrease and gas emission slightly increase. The results obtained based on analysis of CO 2 emissions and identification of regional influencing factors could provide useful information for decision makers regarding the allocation of fossil fuel use.

NMNHMINSCI PCA 91226,b, (None)

IA Texts dec :: pdp11 :: xxdp :: x11 listings :: AC-E968C-MC CXRMBC0-RH11 RM03-Dual-Port Sep78, (paginated)

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NMNHINV Keratoisis sp., (2010s)

IA Images Dish, (1715–16)

Odgen Livingston Mills (until 1937; bequeathed to MMA)

IA Texts Two Churches in one nation;, (paginated)

Nikic Collection, 739

IA Images Vase, (ca. 1831–35)

Charles Woolsey Lyon, Albany, New York, until 1917