IA Texts Our own islands; an elementary study in geography, (paginated)

NMNHMINSCI MET 01211,2, (None)

IA Texts Roger Conant in America as governor and citizen; an historical address delivered at the Conant family reunion, Hotel Vendome, Boston, June 13th, 1901, (paginated)

IA Texts Finding Aid for OHA 233: Medical Ephemera Collection, (paginated)

The medical ephemera collection at the NMHM includes material from a wide range of sources on several hundred subjects related to the history of medicine in the twentieth century. The collection is divided into three series (organizational, subject, and biographical files) and arranged alphabetically. Items include pamphlets, annual reports, posters, membership cards, bumper stickers, form letters, charity appeals, and other ephemera produced by various companies and organizations including the federal government. The collection also includes four boxes of U.S. Navy medical newsletters and Army Medical Department supply bulletins. On underlying focus on public health material includes extensive information on cancer, AIDS, nutrition, diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse, and American Indian health.

IA Texts Changing voices, and other poems, (paginated)

NMNHBIRDS Crinifer piscator, (1930s)

IA Texts Cromwell as a soldier, (paginated)

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IA Texts Modes and morals, (paginated)

The new simplicity.--Dress and the woman.--Caviare on principle.--The extirpation of culture.--Fashions in men.--The newest woman.--Tabu and temperament.--The boundaries of truth.--Miss Alcott's New England.--The sensual ear.--British novelists, ltd.--The remarkable rightness of Rudyard Kipling

IA Images Box, (1830–70)

Dr. Charles W. Green, New York, until 1947

NMNHINV Pleurocera sp., (1950s)