IA Texts To the Editors of the Anti-Union, (paginated)

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IA Texts Mexico. A weekly to promote intelligent discussion of Mexican affairs, (paginated)

NMNHMINSCI QUE 99517,3, (None)

IA Texts Military standardization handbook : generator sets, electrical, measurements and instrumentations, (paginated)

1 v. (various pagings) : 27 cm

IA Texts hp :: 1000 :: RTE-IV :: 12792-90004 Sep-1980, (paginated)

From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.<br />hp :: 1000 :: RTE-IV :: 12792-90004 Sep-1980

IA Images Le Diable a Paris. . . Paris et Les Parisiens, Vol. I-II, (1845)

Edwin De Turck Bechtel, Donor: Louise Seaman Bechtel (American, 1894–1985)

NMNHPALEO Lobocrinus spiniferus Wachsmuth & Springer, (None)

IA Texts Thin Film of Nickel-Zinc Solar Absorber Deposited on Nanostructured Copper Substrate by Reactive Electron-Beam Evaporation, (paginated)

<div>This article deals with the motivation for development of selective thin film on structured substrate in the field of upgrading solar energy conversion. Some observations on reactive PVD E-beam and structural and optical properties of nickel-zinc solar absorber obtained were briefly discussed. The thin film of nickel-zinc obtained shows optimum optical properties as far as maximum absorptance and minimum emittance, these results verified closed to the Planck black body and the ideal selective film. The nickel-zinc oxides from the thin film obtained allow exceptional stability and semiconductor properties, make practical applications feasible for future photovoltaics designs.</div><div><br /></div>

IA Texts Missiles and Rockets, (paginated)

IA Texts The Arabs in Tripoli, (paginated)