CHNDM Drapery Study, (1900s, 1890s)

[Figures (representations), Drawings] Catalogue Status: Research in Progress // Description: Drapery study for figure facing right.

IA Images Embroidered Mantle Fragment, (5th–2nd century BCE)

George D. Pratt, Glen Cove, NY, until 1933

IA Texts Modes of economic behavior : variations on themes of J. R. Hicks and Herbert Simon, (paginated)

Bibliography: p. 63-67

IA Images Marosana Never Dies 2 (2007) MTB — Complete Art Scans, (2007)

IA Images Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, (1601–68)

NMNHMINSCI MIL 090308,2, (None)

IA Images Footed Vessel, (14th–15th century (?))

Arthur M. Bullowa, New York, until 1989

IA Images Solidus of Theodosius I the Great (obverse), (383-388)

William Mathewson Milliken, Cleveland, Ohio. (no date)

IA Texts The art of paper-making : a guide to the theory and practice of the manufacture of paper : being a compilation from the best known French, German and American writers, (paginated)

Issued in fascicles, fasc.1-2 are lacking

CHNDM Design for a Wall, (1800s, 1790s)

[Drawings] Catalogue Status: Research in Progress // Description: A niche in each bay contains a vase with flowers and topped by a medallion and garlands. Three alternative designs are suggested for the decoration of the frieze.